The world’s not so big after all.

We’ve met a lot of people over the last few days, but it seems that most of them have been from somewhere else (like us) rather than from here in Savannah. We met people from Massachusetts, DC and Pennsylvania. The RVs parked next to us in our overnight spot have had NY & CA plates. We even met someone from Warren, PA, which is barely an hour away from home. I think I expected some kind of culture shock, but instead so many things have felt like the way they’ve always been.

The courtyard of the Foxy Loxy. We played up on the Acoustic Altar. (Notice all the winter jackets and hats)

I found this to be especially true at our first gig. After we found a parking spot for the van – in downtown Savannah, this proved to be a very difficult task – setting up felt like we could have been in any upscale cafe in Buffalo. It was nice in a way, though. To have three hours to do the one thing I’m good at, the thing I’m familiar with, was a nice reprieve from some of the craziness that has come with adjusting to this lifestyle. The gig itself went very well. It was SO cold by Savannah standards, and we (stupidly, perhaps) decided to play on the outside stage sans heater. People came out to the patio to listen anyways. They paid attention, bought merch, and though the crowd petered out by about 9pm (it was dipping into the 30’s by then), we did keep people there until the end of the gig. If every show we have booked goes as well as this first one did, I think I’d be happy (though I’m already having issues with a couple promoters, so I doubt we’ll be so lucky).

The sole complaint I have about Savannah is the weather – the high temperature should be way more than 45 degrees down here. Otherwise, it’s a pretty neat city. The visitor’s center amazingly allows overnight RV parking, so we’ve been hanging out in the heart of the historic district for the past few days. It’s been a bit too cold to walk very far, unfortunately. But we did find this neat seafood place (the Savannah Seafood Shack) where I got a totally delicious fried oyster po boy, and a bar just down the street from us (the Rail Pub) serving 40oz of beer for literally just $5. If you ever come down here and need to find things to do on the cheap, hit up those two places for sure. And fun fact: there’s no open container law in Savannah. You can order your drinks to go!

This afternoon we’re driving back up north Macon before our gig in Athens on Sunday. We’ve run the batteries in the van pretty low since we haven’t been doing any driving, so it will be nice to be able to turn all the lights back on soon. And hopefully the heater, too – as much as I enjoy sleeping in our tiny house on wheels, it would be a whole lot nicer if it wasn’t so dang cold all the time. I am SO looking forward to some Florida heat in a couple weeks.

With a side of hush puppies.
My $5 drink is on the left, Greg’s $4 drink is on the right.

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