I bought a van!


I (took a giant risk and) bought a converted box van off eBay! This is the very first step on the road to full-time touring, and I couldn’t be more excited.

This is a 1995 GMC G-Series Cutaway Van. The picture makes her look smaller than she is – she’s about 9 feet high and an estimated 20 feet long, I haven’t had the chance to take a tape measure to her just yet. The interior is unbelievable and I can’t believe I stumbled upon this awesome find.

A full-sized bed, table/desk, microwave, fridge, sink, toilet, shower, & over cab storage! It’s got the works. Plus crank windows (so retro!), lots of heavy, lockable doors, and giant orange work lights. It’s pretty eclectic but I’m happy with the purchase! We drove out to a town south of Cleveland yesterday and picked her up – took some getting used to going from driving a Honda Civic to this beast, but after an hour or so I settled into it. It’s not a bad ride.

We’ve got some electrical issues to work on – right now the speedometer and engine temperature gauge don’t read correctly in the slightest, and the inverter and air conditioner don’t seem to be working either. Plus she needs a bigger water tank & hot water heater. Overall though, it shouldn’t take too long to get her on the road!

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