Almost Street Legal

This past weekend I finally got the chance to get the van registered & titled. (That will also be the last time I go to the DMV on a Saturday…) She gets inspected tonight and then will be 100% both legally mine and legally driveable! I did take it to get gas on Saturday, and driving it on familiar streets gave me a much better feel for its size. If I didn’t know better I would assume it was a full-sized tractor trailer, or a tank or something. It. Is. Giant. And loud. And is going to take many, many hours of driving to get used to it. This has not deterred my excitement, though!

You’d think that all this would have made the decision sink in a little more, but it all still feels very much in the “what-if” stage. Hopefully once we start booking the tour it’ll feel a bit more real.

Anyways, once the inspection is done we can start on the interior stuff – got a lot of electrical work to do, along with some existing parts to replace and modifications to make to the interior to make it a little more livable as a residence rather than a weekend camper.

Next update will probably be when most of the interior modifications are done. Stay tuned!


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